The Sanganigwa Children's Home. Kigoma, Tanzania
In Tanzania AIDS orphans are about 1,000,000:
let us help them grow and to believe in the future.
Together, we can offer the children of Kigoma
a house, food, medical care, education.

 Away from beaten tracks
 What to see in Kigoma and in the surroundings
 How to reach Sanganigwa

Away from beaten tracks...

Suitable for those who want to combine volunteering at Sanganigwa Children’s Home with an unforgettable holiday on the shores of lake Tanganyika. The Sanganigwa Volunteer Eco-House is situated in the compound of the Sanganigwa Children’s Home in Kigoma, just a few steps away from the city centre. “Sanganigwa!” (“Welcome everybody!”) offers simple, comfortable accommodation at the Volunteer’s House which hosts 10 beds, breakfast and, upon request, meals and packed lunches.

Further services: transfer to and from the airport, information about excursions to the beaches on the lake, the city of Ujiji, the Gombe and Mahale National Parks.

The minimum offering for overnight stay (breakfast included) is 10US $ per person; offerings will contribute to the maintenance of the Case Famiglia del centro.

What to see in Kigoma and in the surroundings

Kigoma is a small town situated in a typical tropical environment on the lake Tanganyika; the city is the main port and hosts the most important and final stop of the Central Railway Line.
It is possible to see the architectural signs dating back to the German colonial time such as the impressive Railway Station -a construction showing evident Arab influences combined with that of the workers who contributed to the building process- the Kaiser Haus, seat of the governor and the state buildings.

We recommend as a striking historical site Ujiji, an ancient town to be reached by urban minibus or taxi. In town, the old slaves’ market is still visible, but above all, we suggest to visit the small museum and the memorial of the famous meeting taking place here in 1871 between Livingstone and Stanley, who greeted the former by the well known sentence “Doctor Livingston, I presume!”

However, the main reason for tourists (a few) and primatologists from the world to visit Kigoma is the GOMBE STREAM NATIONAL PARK, one of the few places in the world, along with the MAHELE MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK – also reachable from Kigoma- where it is possible to observe chimpanzees in nature. The Mahale N. P. can be reached by the legendary motor vassel Liemba which has been cutting through the waters of lake Tanganyika from North to South since 1914: itself a reason to visit Kigoma.

Many other sights has Kigoma to offer:
- sunsets over the lake;
- fishermen villages and lamplights as candles over the waters in the night;
- the cloudy peaks of Congolese mountains on the horizon;
- the lively market with the kindness of its people;
- the red beaches on the lake where it is possible to bathe;
- the sounds of sunrise: roosters, birds, bells, Christian chants and calls from minarets, as a proof of the peaceful coexistence between Christians belonging to the most different confessions and Muslims.

How to reach Sanganigwa

Flights to Dar Es Salaam are operated by many airlines. From Dar Es Salaam it is possible to reach Kigoma by daily flights operated by Air Tanzania, other companies are also available. At the airport (10 minutes away from the city) it is necessary to catch a taxi straight to Sanganigwa Children’s Home. You can get a taxi at the taxi stand and at the centre market. Adventurous people may prefer catching the bus from Dar Es Salaam to Kigoma, while the extremely adventurous ones will chose travelling by train and for any other practical information consult (available in italian).


Sanganigwa Children's Home gives shelter to orphans (mainly AIDS orphans) and it is a reference Centre to all childhood in the territory. The JGI-Italy has been supporting the structure since 1998 (accommodation, food, medical expenses, school expenses, employees’ salaries, building and renovation, etc.). Thanks to many Italian donors and volunteers, Sanganigwa recently turned into a modern centre structured in Family Houses and has now been converting itself to the use of renewable energies and structures (biological vegetable gardens, rainwater gathering systems…) which are making it a model of Eco Village for the whole territory.

Sanganigwa is the JGI-Italy’s main project and it is situated in the place which is also the symbol of the history of the Jane Goodall Institute; nevertheless, the Institute also works in Italy on protection of primates, educational and environmental programmes, besides intercultural and peace education activities.

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Mrs Astrid Yangaard
founder of Sanganiwga with childs

The president Daniela De Donno
with childs

Even a small contribution can make a difference




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